Anthro in the news 12/31/2012

From the blogger: Here is the last aitn for 2012. I had to work hard to find any mainstream media mention of cultural anthropology, whereas archaeology continues to attract substantial media attention, and we can almost always count on something about Neanderthals to attract interest. Please check out anthropologyworks’ short piece on the cultural anthropologist [...]

Anthropologist of 2012

The cultural anthropologist most in the news in 2012 was Jim Yong Kim. Kim was trained as both a physician and medical anthropologist, one of the first students to go through Harvard’s joint Ph.D./M.D. program. Later he became chair of the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at the Harvard Medical School and then [...]

One more thing most people don’t know about nutcrackers

A recent letter to The Express (UK) offered a list of “Ten things you never knew about… nutcrackers.” Here is the list: The earliest known nutcrackers have been identified by archaeologists as pitted stones used to crack nuts between 4,000 and 8,000 years ago. The earliest known metal nutcracker dates back to the 3rd or [...]

Anthro in the news 12/24/2012

• Hopes dashed for Chagossians Aw’s Sean Carey published two articles in The Independent about the recent consideration of the Chagossians‘ claim for a right to return to their homeland. In his first piece, he reviews the marathon battle that began in 1998 in the British courts, led by electrician Olivier Bancoult, the newly appointed [...]

Women who become men in the Balkans

Throughout the Balkan region, some women take on male roles and appearance. They are referred to, in English, as sworn virgins. Slate, among other publications, carried a photo essay of several sworn virgins of Albania. The anthropological and related literature on sworn virgins is thin. Some studies refer to the women as “cross dressers,” which [...]

Two job openings (Brookings and AusAID)

Readers might be interested in two positions — Principal Sector Specialist (Education) at the Australian Government Overseas Aid Program (AusAID) and Research and Recruitment Advisor for the Global Scholars Program at the Brookings Institution. The listings are embedded below: Principal Sector Specialist (Education) Principal Sector Specialist (Education) Research and Recruitment Advisor Global Scholars Program, Research [...]

Open access cultural anthropology articles

HAU, Volume 2, Issue 2 is now online. It includes twenty-five manuscripts with contributions from leading cultural anthropologists from around the world. It is supported by HAU-N.E.T., a network of research centers and anthropology departments sponsoring and collaborating with the journal and the two connected book series and funded by the Sutasoma Trust, U.K., and [...]

Anthro in the news 12/17/2012

• How about a cup of coffee, God? In an op-ed in The New York Times, cultural anthropologist Tanya Luhrmann discusses beliefs and practices of some U.S. evangelical groups who both take the Bible literally and creatively reinterpret its messages in order to build a strong personal link to God. She writes:  “I am no [...]

DC event: “Place of Peace and Once We Were Hunters”

Tuesday, December 11 | 7:00 pm at BloomBars 3222 11th Street NW, Washington DC 20010

Anthropology field school in the Himalayas: health focus

Himalayan Health Exchange (HHE) is organizing an anthropological field expedition to India from June 24 till July 15, 2013.  Through an independent study/fieldwork in a remote Himalayan Tibetan Borderland, HHE will offer students a practical approach to the study of India and the Himalayan culture in a socio-cultural, medical and religious context.  During their journey, team [...]