Summer methods courses in cultural anthropology

PH.D. COURSES Now in its eleventh year, the SCRM (Short Courses on Research Methods) program is for cultural anthropologists who already have the Ph.D. Three, five-day courses are offered during summer 2015 at the Duke University Marine Lab in Beaufort, North Carolina. Text Analysis (Instructors: Amber Wutich and Elizabeth Krause), July 13-17 Statistics in Ethnographic [...]

Good news: Chixoy dam reparations

Cultural anthropologist Barbara Rose Johnston offers an inside view on Counter Punch of a commitment from the Government of Guatemala to make reparations related to the Chixoy dam. She has worked long and hard to push for this: “The Government of Guatemala has finalized a legally-binding commitment to repair the human rights damages associated with [...]

Tattoos as Transformational Pilgrimage: Women’s Tattoo Narratives in Houston, Texas

Guest contributor: Laura Newman Skin communicates many messages to others — a person’s race, gender, age, and even socioeconomic status. A tattoo is a chance for individuals to mark themselves outside of conventional boundaries. As DeMello explains: “If the physical body serves as a site in which gender, ethnicity, and class are symbolically marked, tattoos [...]

Anthro in the news 4/21/14

• In Boston, after the bombs An article in The Boston Globe explored the experiences of Muslims in Boston following the bombing at the 2013 Boston Marathon. Fortunately, an anti-Muslim backlash did not occur. The article quotes Nancy Khalil, a doctoral candidate in social anthropology at Harvard: Years ago, she remembered “trying to explain who [...]

Anthro in the news 4/14/14

• Health equity, smart aid, and “stupid deaths” KPBS radio (San Diego) interviewed medical anthropologist and health activist Paul Farmer about how to improve health care around the world. Farmer talked about how to ensure equal access to health care through smart aid and the need to avoid what he calls “stupid deaths.” He comments [...]

Anthro in the news 4/7/14

• Cultural anthropologists fighting Ebola National Public Radio (U.S.) reported on the role of cultural anthropology in efforts to prevent the spread of Ebola in Guinea. Doctors, nurses and epidemiologists from international organizations are flying in to help, along with cultural anthropologists. Understanding local beliefs can help get communities to trust international health care workers, [...]

50 Best Cultural Anthropology Dissertations 2013

See also the best cultural anthropology dissertations of 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2009. As usual, I did a key word search in Dissertation Abstracts International to find dissertations that address topics related to the anthropologyworks mission. Unfortunately, this source provides information almost exclusively on U.S. dissertations – it is not at all “international.” I invite [...]

Anthro in the news 12/30/13

  The meaning in the selfie The Philadelphia Inquirer carried an article on the selfie in which it referred to the research of archaeologist Dean Snow on Paleolithic handprints on cave walls. What’s the connection? The fact that women are more likely than men to post selfies today and that Snow’s analysis of the handprints [...]

Cultural anthropologist of 2013: Dame Anne Salmond

Following our annual tradition, anthropologworks herby names the cultural anthropologist most “in the news” in the previous year. I launched this feature in January 2011 by naming Paul Farmer the cultural anthropologist of the decade, and I identified the “Paul Farmer Effect” in which increasing numbers of students seek to combine medical anthropology and health/medicine [...]

Anthro in the news 12/23/13

  US Department of Homeland Security, US Border Patrol. US-Mexico Border Patrol agents need training in every-day police skills USA Today reported on the increasing number of cases nationwide in which Border Patrol agents back up local police or perform other police duties, such as serving warrants or responding to domestic disputes. Sometimes incidents turn [...]