Endurance, incredibly fast success possible?

Keep in mind that many of these products work in the same way, some for more power, others for better performance. The following items work for staying power: Suede socks - these work the same as my favorite socks, but are made with more durable suede that lasts a long time. I love the new Vibram 595 Stance which uses the same suede as my Vibram 595. It's super easy to control the fit and the fit is the same for all of my shoes, even the Vibram 6. Mountain bikes - I wear the same mountain bike as my other bikes, so it's pretty much the same bike! I also wear the same high-top Vibram 595 Stance (the same one that comes with the Vibram 595), but I find that my calves are more tight on the high-top, but on the lower-top it's more forgiving. My favorite thing about wearing these Vibrams is how they feel. I've worn them to the gym, and they feel great and are great for moving. I have a few of the Vibram 595 Stance, and they are still going strong! I don't have any problems with them breaking, but they do make a nice change from my regular Vibrams.

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