Sex toys, incredibly fast success possible?

You will notice that I put a little asterisk next to all the sex toys I review. This means that I personally tested these toys before writing my review. I do my best to review them thoroughly, but I realize that some may not be as well-made as I would like. I will always give a thorough review on the toys I review, and I recommend you do the same. If you decide to buy any of these sex toys, you should go for a professional-grade one.

I'm going to start this post with the basics, then move on to a few of my favorite toys in the line. If you are interested in reading about the actual construction of my toys, here are the links: This one is for all you sex toy geeks out there! This review of the Fun Factory's Lelo Lingerie Wand was conducted by me. I got the wand from my local Sex Toy Warehouse, which is very affordable, and the sex toys are all hand-made in the USA. It's a beautiful, big and round sex toy! I think I can finally stop worrying about the size of the toy. It's very realistic and has the feel of a real toy.

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Annalena Galvan

When it comes to satisfaction, you often hear about Spankadoo - why? If one Spankadoo test reports,...